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Issue: 0x80070006 error code appears on Windows 10 while checking for new updates.

Windows store error code 0x80070006

Description: First of all, Windows 10 store fails to update and shows the error code 0x80070006. A store related update failure results in Windows update errors.

Repair steps: Windows store repair using command lines in Admin panel.

Windows 10 admin panel is accessible using a command prompt or a Windows shell as an administrator.

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What is a Windows Shell?

Windows Shell is similarly like a Command prompt with elevated priviliges. Due to the store unable to open, an user cannot download new apps from the store app. This sudden failure could happen due to faulty Windows 10 updates. If you forcibly perform an update without the system readiness, it may result in the error code 0x80070006.

The Windows store repair steps include the following

Open a run window

type as  “wsreset.exe”

As a result, it performs a basic cleanup and resolves the error with Windows 10 activation or updates installation. Further more, the latest Windows store repair stores the company name.


Other factors that cause error 0x80070006 are overridden Windows firewall, security programs settings. It is also possible solution to disable the security settings and try to check the updates.

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